Tribute from Japanese Society of International Law

Together with Judge Owada, President Xue, Professor Chesterman and all
> Society members, I wish to express my deep feelings of condolences to
> you, Professor Anand's family, his close friends and all Indian
> international lawyers.
> Although most of our Society members do not have the privilege of being
> taught directly by him, we are all students of Professor Anand, by
> learning his great works for years. How have we been proud of him, who
> was a visibel figure in the international lawyers' circle already in the
> early 1960s, when the term "international lawyers" virtually meant
> Western international lawyers. He has truly been a hero to us Asian
> international lawyers.
> Ever since October 2004, when he attended the first preparatory meeting
> of our Society in Tokyo, representing Indian international lawyers, he
> has been an indispensable figure of the Society. We remember vividly his
> contribution, affection and love.
> I believe that all of our Society members will continue studying his
> works, succeed his spirit, and devote their lives to the enhancement and
> furtherance of the study of international law in Asia and in the world.
> Sincerely yours,
> ONUMA Yasuaki

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